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Sister Water Committee Members Sheri Hosek and Brian Gilligan and Sister Water donors Rudy and Sherry Tekippe (back right corner) celebrate with villagers at the site of water pump in Morogoro, Tanzania, Africa in June 2014.

About the Sister Water Project

After Chapter in 2004, several sisters gathered at Mount St. Francis to talk about working together on a project that would help the poor, the environment, and preservation of resources.  That conversation led to the topic of the world's water crisis.  "At that meeting, we talked about the importance of water in the whole web of life and almost every other issue is connected to the issue of water and so we settled on that," said Sr. Virginia Jennings of the beginnings of Sister Water.  That conversation and the Gospel imperative to 'give drink to the thirsty,' compelled sisters and associates to set a lofty goal of raising $40,000 to launch the Sister Water Project to bring clean water to villagers in Honduras and Tanzania.

Together with associates, the sisters formed a Sister Water Project committee.  After years of extensive research, including a trip to Africa, the Sister Water Project partnered with Safe Water for Life and Dignity (SWLD) out of Morogoro, Tanzania, in Africa.  According to the World Health Organization, over 40% of all people globally who lack access to clean drinking water live in sub-Saharan Africa.  It was that need that prompted James Anthony Nyangas and five of his colleagues with the help of Fr. Dan Pekarske at Salvatorian Institute, Morogoro, Tanzania, to start SWLD in 2007. Their aim has been the promotion of human dignity, by providing safe and clean water to poor rural communities.  "Each well built in Tanzania affects 500 people," said Fr. Pekarske.  "A one-time donation has lasting benefits. The contribution to the Sister Water Project is just once but people will use that well every day."

In Honduras, the Sister Water Project worked with Mission Honduras and Catholic Relief Services to create additional portions of rural water systems in Honduras in two villages. When safe water became accessible in one Honduran village, daily diarrhea decreased by 47% within 30 days.

That lofty goal of raising $40,000 in 2006 has been far surpassed as the Sister Water Project has touched people's hearts.  In 2013, the sisters held a celebration in honor of having raised over a half a million dollars to help provide clean water to the people of Tanzania and Honduras.  But the work continues.  "This is not the time to abandon our commitment to those who still live without clean water," said Sr. Carol Besch at the celebration.  "We are not going to rest on past successes.  We are confident that God is still doing something new in us."

Watch the video below of our mission trip to Honduras in 2011.

How you can help
We ask you to please consider a gift to the Sister Water Project.  Click here to donate online or mail your donation to The Sisters of St. Francis, c/o Sister Water Project, 3390 Windsor Ave., Dubuque, IA 52001-1311.

Completed Projects
As of July 2014, we have completed/restored over 61 well projects in Tanzania and two water systems in Honduras.  To see a complete list of where our projects are located, click here.

For more information
Want more information about the Sister Water project?  Contact Sr. Kathy Knipper at or (563) 583-9786. 

The singular, overall goal of the Sister Water Project is to help provide sustainable water accessibility to people in Honduras and Tanzania. 
Srs. Kathy Knipper, Theresa Jungers, Carol Besch and Associates Sheri Hosek, Nancy Knipper, and Brian Gilligan.



For more information on the Sister Water Project contact:

Sr. Kathy Knipper, OSF

3390 Windsor Avenue

Dubuque, Iowa 52001-1311

To donate to the Sister Water Project, send a check to:

The Sisters of St. Francis
3390 Windsor Avenue
Dubuque, Iowa 52001-1311
-or- click on the link below for our website donate page.
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