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           Help Stop Unprecedented Increases in the
                        Nuclear Weapons Budget

Right now, the U.S. Congress is considering the budget for next year. While it imposes a spending freeze for most domestic programs, somehow there's money to spare when it comes to nuclear weapons pork. The budget requests $7 billion for nuclear bomb making capacities, a 14% increase over last year’s budget for the same programs and a whopping 40% over the $5 billion (in 2011 dollars) spent on average each year for these activities during the Cold War era.  We are already spending more than enough on our nuclear arsenal.  Last year, emails and calls from people like you created the grassroots pressure that successfully eliminated pork for nuclear weapons from the economic stimulus bill. We can do it again and, this time, reduce the 2011 nuclear weapons budget.  Physicians for Social Responsibility urge us to call and ask our elected officials to cut funding for new nuclear weapons building capacities and to fund key national priorities: clean energy, universal health care, and restoring our environment. TAKE ACTION

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