Thank you for your interest in participating in the Sister Water Project Service Trip to the village of Mejocote in Honduras scheduled for July 17-25, 2020.  This trip is a continuation of the commitment of the Sisters of St. Francis and Franciscan Associates, begun in 2006, to make potable water accessible to poor rural communities in Honduras and Tanzania.

For those of you who are exploring participation in this Honduras trip, we ask that you:

  • Review all the information before filling out the application forms: criteria, timeline dates, immunization/health, legal documents, personal costs.
  • Be aware that the work itself is physically demanding and requires a certain degree of physical stamina.
  • Fill out all forms completely; save and print if done online.
  • Sign and date photo release and waiver and release of liability.
  • Include application fee $200 (nonrefundable, if selected as a team member); payable to SWP Service Trip.
  • Submit all completed application materials by April 10, 2020 to: Stacy Francois, SWP Service Trip, 3390 Windsor Ave., Dubuque, IA 52001-1311 or

Mission Statement:

The Sister Water Project Service Team will:

  • Provide support and solidarity to the people of Honduras.
  • Help make water accessible to people in a rural Honduran village
    • Dig trenches
    • Lay PVC pipes
  • Share and experience cultural diversity.

Sister Water Project Service Team Members will:

  • Participate fully: work, prayer, team building, and daily schedule.
  • Be 18 years old (16 years old if accompanied by a parent/guardian).
  • Be physically healthy and strong enough to perform strenuous activity at higher altitudes (strong back, good breathing capacity).
  • Make a decision regarding recommended immunizations/medications.
  • Complete requested health information.
  • Possess or acquire current passport that expires after January 1, 2021.
  • Have travel insurance (optional).
  • Adapt to a different culture (food, sense of time, housing, work ethic).
  • Submit all application materials/fees according to the timeline.

Immunizations/Medications Recommended for Honduras:

  • Hepatitis A – one shot is necessary before leaving on the trip. To give lifetime immunity, a second shot is recommended six months later (after the trip is fine). However, a second shot is not necessary for just one trip.
  • Hepatitis B – two shots a month apart before leaving for Honduras and a third shot after returning from the trip. 1st shot – 60% immunity; 2nd shot – 80% immunity; 3rd shot 90% immunity.
  • Typhoid medication may be given as a shot or as pills. The pill form is four doses (one every other day) beginning two weeks before.
  • Malaria pills (see your doctor).
  • Tetanus shot – within the last 10 years.
  • Seek your doctor’s advice for additional recommendations.

How to apply

Download the application form and submit all application materials and the $200 application fee (checks can be made out to SWP Mission Trip) by April 10, 2020 to: Stacy Francois, SWP Service Trip, 3390 Windsor Ave., Dubuque, IA 52001-1311 or  For more information, contact Sister Kathy Knipper at (563) 583-9786 or