The Sisters of St. Francis, with support from their associates, launched the Sister Water Project in 2006 to bring safe water to villages in Tanzania and Honduras.  Months were spent studying, discussing and praying about global water issues to fulfill the sisters mission statement of “living in right relationship with all of creation.”

In Tanzania, some women walk miles to find water, and waterborne malaria kills many children. In Honduras, 50,000 young children die every year from water-related illness. Most illness in the country is due to impure water.

100% Of donations to the Sister Water Project go toward materials, transport, and labor for water systems in Honduras or Tanzania

Fundraising Efforts and Results

The initial goal for the Sister Water Project was to raise $42,000 to help these people. Thanks to the support of Safe Water for Life and Dignity (SWLD), the Congregation of the Humility of Mary, Holy Spirit Sisters, Salvatorian Missions, and Dubuque Rotary Club and many, many donors, the Sister Water Project has since raised more than $1,000,000. These funds allowed the Sister Water Project to complete/restore over 200 well projects in Tanzania and 20 water systems in Honduras.

The work continues.

“We are proud of our community commitment and grateful for all those who have joined us in this effort,” said Sister Kathy Knipper, OSF.  “The continued need is immense, the challenge remains, and our commitment is unwavering.