Global water shortages and access to clean water are critical issues in our world. Do you know that 1.1 billion of the poorest people in our world lack safe drinking water? (Source:  Do you know that every 21 seconds a child dies from a water related illness? (Source:

2017 SWP Lenten Calendar

The 2017 SWP Lenten Calendar. Click on the image of the calendar to download a copy.

Concerns for water issues prompted the Sisters of St. Francis to launch the Sister Water Project (SWP) in 2006 with an initial goal of raising $42,000 in hopes of bringing clean water to sites in Tanzania and Honduras. As a result of reaching that goal, two wells were dug in Tanzania and volunteers traveled to Honduras to dig trenches to laying pipes that would provide water to villagers.

Ten years later the Sister Water Project continues to thrive. Over 130 wells and 20 water system projects have been completed and are still operating since 2006. Our desire remains strong to help bring clean water to people in need.

We invite you to continue to help bring clean water to those most in need by using our Sister Water Ripple Effect 2017 Lenten calendar. Its focus is to create awareness, provide education on water issues, and raise funds for the SWP. The calendar provides information on safe drinking water and facts on water consumption. Please encourage your family, friends, faith sharing groups, and parishes to use this calendar which provides thought provoking challenges for support of the SWP.

We appreciate your willingness to participate in this endeavor and we thank you in advance for your consideration of the SWP mission. Please know that 100% of your donations will go to those most in need of access to clean water.

Click here to download the Sister Water Ripple Effect 2017 Lenten calendar.