Sr. Pat Farrell Publishes Book, “A Vine Transplanted”


Sister Pat Farrell has written a book that details the Dubuque Franciscans’ history in Latin America.

For more than 50 years, the Dubuque Franciscans have lived and worked in Latin America.  As a congregation the Dubuque Franciscans have been shaped and enriched by the experiences in Latin America. “A Vine Transplanted” is a mixture of memoir and recent historical narrative. The women who have served there have been irreversibly transformed by the peoples with whom they shared life in Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico.

The 50 year time frame of the account of the book (1965-2015) spans a period of massive and tumultuous change in church and society, and religious life.  ”The challenges have been manifold.  The courage, commitment, faith, and ingenuity of the sisters who served there have been equally as varied and abundant,” said Sister Pat Farrell.

The book is $15 and is available for purchase at Shalom Spirituality Center or click here to purchase it from