17 New Franciscan Associates Commissioned


On Saturday, October 21, the Dubuque Franciscans commissioned 17 new Associates. “God’s called your name and you are responding,” said Sister Mary Lechtenberg at the Mass.

New Associate Gretchen Brown was part of the Franciscan Way of Life process with members from the Dubuque Franciscan Charism Team.  It was a process she enjoyed so much she decided to continue on to become a Dubuque Franciscan Associate.

“The Franciscan Way of Life affected me at several levels,” wrote Gretchen.  “It was wonderful to learn about Francis and Clare–not just their backgrounds but their incredible strength, focus and intent of helping others.  They never wavered no matter how difficult things may have gotten.  I was encouraged to do my own soul searching on my ability to accept all and the true definition of unconditional love, no matter what.  I have reflected on my own leadership style and now often think how Francis may have handled different situations.  I hold very dear to my heart how I also learned more about the Sisters of St. Francis, their mission and getting to know the sisters more personally who facilitated our group.  They were amazing!”

Front row left to right: Jake Rosenmeyer, Lauren Heiderscheit, Gretchen Brown. Back row left to right: Julie Brumm, Amy Mensen, Barb Brumm, Jeannine Kosman, Fran Mancl, Darla Ewald, Paula Lange, and Carol Mullenbach. Not pictured: Kristin Beusse, Lisa Crawford, Carlene Hillard, Brian Leckrone, Helen May, and Peggy Stockel.