DAVA Invites Catholic Young Adult Women Online Retreat

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Young adult women are invited to a day of retreat with religious women from the Dubuque Area Vocation Association (DAVA) on Saturday, November 7, from 10:00am – 4:00pm for a virtual opportunity to experience community, prayer and conversation. The day will include prayer, talks, breaks for personal reflection, and small group conversations.

“In this time of searching for answers to some of our deepest questions: global health; social unrest and personal meaning in our lives we offer young adult women a safe place to explore the avenues of faith and hope and God’s unlimited LOVE . Join us for a day of listening and reflecting together. All seekers are welcome!” said Sr. Gail fitzpatrick, OCSO

DAVA was formed in 2000 as a collaborative vocation ministry effort among various religious communities in the Dubuque area and the Archdiocese of Dubuque. It has since expanded to include members along the Upper Mississippi Valley. DAVA members recognize, acknowledge, and affirm the baptismal call of all Christians and they reach out to nurture, promote, encourage and help those who feel called to religious life.

For registration and more information, visit http://discernyourvocation.org/event/seeking-god-womens-retreat/ or contact Ms. Michelle Horton at ma.horton6@gmail.com.