Four New Associates Commissioned


On October 2, the Dubuque Franciscans commissioned four new Associates: Mary Ann Dorcey, Denise (Neece) Bowyer, Donna Fleming-Alcocer, and Linda Leonard.  “The Franciscan Way of Life is a journey for Mary Ann, Nice, Donna, and Linda, and allassociates, sisters,and seekers, who are inspired by Saints Francis and Clare,” said Sister Maureen Leach at the liturgy. “Your witness invites each of us to the next step of the journey.”

During the liturgy, Mary Ann, Denise, Donna, and Linda were asked why they were seeking Association with the Dubuque Franciscans. Donna replied: “I see spirituality and wisdom in the Dubuque Franciscans as you respond to the needs of the time–how you care for the Mother Earth and how you continue to serve marginalized people. I see you letting go of what has been and looking to a new future so that the timeless message of God can continue to be spread. These are some of the reasons I desire to continue my journey with you as an Associate.”