Sister Jean Beringer

Sister Jean Ann Beringer was born to Anthony and Anna Beringer.  She grew up with her sister and two brothers in LaMotte, Iowa.  She attended school at Holy Rosary, LaMotte.  Sister Jean received her bachelor’s degree in English from Briar Cliff College, Sioux City, Iowa, and her master’s degree in English from Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska.  She served as an elementary school teacher for three years in Dyersville, Iowa, and a teacher and principal at Pocahontas, Iowa; and Granville, Iowa.  She taught high school for 12 years at Wahlert High School and Leo High School, Holy Cross, Iowa.  Sister Jean also served for 33 years at Briar Cliff University as Director of Continuing Education and Director of Student Support Services.  She retired to Mount St. Francis Center in 2011 where she served briefly as archivist, and moved to Clare House in 2022.

Sister Elizabeth Donahue

Sister Elizabeth Donahue was born to Emmett and Agnes (Fagan) Donahue, who raised her and her two siblings, John and Jerry Donahue, on a farm near Zwingle, Iowa.  She attended Biggins School in Dubuque County and Immaculate Conception Academy in Dubuque.  She received her bachelor’s degree at Briar Cliff College, Sioux City.  Sister entered the congregation in 1952 and took her final vows in 1958.  She ministered in Dubuque at St. Mary’s and Stonehill Care Center.  She also ministered at St. Mary of the Woods, Chicago; St. Paul’s, Eugene, Oregon; and Okolona, Mississippi.  On celebrating her 70th Jubilee, Sr. Elizabeth said, “The year’s go fast!  I never thought about retirement and here I am!”

Sister Teresine Glaser

Sister Teresine Glaser was born in Tinley Park, Illinois, the third of six children of Frank and Elizabeth Glaser.  She graduated from St. Christopher’s School in Midlothian, Illinois, and St. Francis Academy in Joliet, Illinois, before entering the Dubuque Franciscans in 1952.  She taught in Ossian, Oyens and Holy Cross schools in Iowa and Melrose Park in Illinois. She completed her MA in history from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, and was a member of the Briar Cliff College faculty from 1966 through 1983.   In 1987, she earned an MSW from Boston College after which she worked as a psychotherapist in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Having returned to Dubuque in 2005, in addition to service as Eucharist minister and sacristan, she pursues her interest in Franciscan studies through independent study and writing as well as study in Italy.  In 2012, she completed an online graduate certificate program in Franciscan Theology and Spirituality at Washington Theological Union.

Sister Ella Groetken

Sister Ella (Mildred) Groetken was the oldest of nine children born to Gerhard and Olive (Neubrand) Groetken.  She grew up on a farm near LeMars, Iowa.  Mildred was educated at St. Joseph’s school in LeMars.  After graduation, she entered Mount St. Francis and was received on August 12, 1953, with the name Sister Ella.  She taught primary grades at Sacred Heart in Melrose Park and St. Christopher’s in Midlothian, Illinois, and in Iowa at Alton, Pocahontas, Manchester and Gutenberg.  Following her teaching years, she was an assistant to the secretary at Catholic Charities in Sioux City for a short time and then joined the Senior Companion Program to help transport the elderly to appointments.  Sister Ella is retired at Clare House at Mount St. Francis Center, and reflecting on God’s blessings received for 70 years while serving her Franciscan Community and the great people that touched her life with their goodness and love during those years.

Sister Lila Hellman

Sister Lila (Betty) Hellman is the daughter of Florian and Martha Hellman of Bancroft, Iowa.  She graduated from St. John’s School in 1952 and entered Mount St. Francis in Dubuque that August.  At her reception in 1953, she received the name Sister Lila.  Sister Lila taught primary children in Dyersville, Stacyville, Remsen, St. Benedict, Cascade, and Algona, all in Iowa, and Saginaw, Michigan.  After years of teaching, Sister Lila received an LPN deree and cared for senior citizens in Dubuque.  Sister Lila also volunteered on the Head Start Program, Common Venture Program, Medical Mission Team to Haiti, and a Sister Water Project trip to Honduras.  On her 70th anniversary as a Franciscan Sisters she says, “Learning to listen and act on God’s unfolding plan for me, my life has been enriched a hundredfold.  I ask God to bless all the people who have touched my life.”

Sister Jane Hosch

Born in Cascade, Iowa, Sister Jane Hosch, youngest child of former Andy and Olivia Hosch, is retired and lives at Clare House in Dubuque.  After attending St. Mary’s schools, she entered the Sisters of St. Francis, where she made her final profession in 1958.  Her studies included a BA degree from Briar Cliff; a master’s degree from Clarke University, Dubuque; and a Ph.D. from St. Louis University.  She also did summer studies at Creighton University, Loyola University, Catholic University, and Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  Ministries of Sister Jane’s consisted of faculty at St. John Brebeuf-Illinois, St. Edward’s, Waterloo, LaSalle High School, Pasadena, California, and St. Mary’s College of California.  She served as Associate Superintendent of Schools in Sioux City and as the Superintendent of Schools in Charleston, South Carolina, and the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau.  As for Jubilee comments, Sister Jane states: Jubilee is gratitude for faith, family, and friends!

Sister Nila Meyerhofer

Sister Nila Meyerhofer (baptized Vera), the daughter of John and Ida Meyerhofer, was born in Stacyville, Iowa one of thirteen children.  She has four siblings who attended Visitation in Stacyville for both elementary and high school.  Sister Nila and her twin sister, Nona, were received into the congregation together in 1953.  Sister received her bachelor’s degree from Briar Cliff University, Sioux City, and her master’s degree from DePaul University, Chicago.  She taught at St. Mary’s, Dubuque, and St. Boniface, Ionia, Iowa.  Sister Nila then served as principal at St. Mary of the Woods, Chicago; St. Catherine’s/St. Mary’s, Oyens/Remsen, Iowa; St. Christopher’s, Midlothian, Illinois; and Sacred Heart in Melrose Park, Illinois.  She currently is assisting at the Franciscan Resource Center (now virtually), parish functions, and Melrose Park community activities.  On celebrating her 70th Jubilee, Sister Nila said, “I am so grateful for the years of variety ministries as I look forward to sharing ideas with my classmates and renewing friendships

Sister Nona Meyerhofer

Sister Nona Meyerhofer (baptized Verna) was born in Stacyville, Iowa, to John and Ida (Kramer) Meyerhofer.  She has four siblings, of whom two are Franciscan Sisters: her twin, Sister Nila Meyerhofer, and the late Sister Virginia Meyerhofer.  Sister Nona attended Visitation in Stacyville for both elementary and high school.  She received her bachelor’s degree from Briar Cliff College, Sioux City, Iowa, and her master’s degree from DePaul University, Chicago.  She served as an elementary teacher in Iowa at St. Mary’s, Manchester; St. John’s, Bancroft; and St. Mary’s, Alton.  She was a teacher and administrator at St. Catherine’s, Oyens, Iowa; Sacred Heart, Melrose Park, Illinois; and Excel, Inc., Morton, Mississippi.  She also ministered as an administrator at St. John’s, Bancroft; the Diocesan Office of Education, Sioux City; St. Anne’s, Hazel Crest, Illinois; and the Archdiocesan Office of Education, Dubuque.  In June of 2009 Sister Nona retired to Mount Saint Francis Center in Dubuque, Iowa.  Of her 70 years of religious life Sister Nona says, “I am surprised at how quickly the years have gone and eagerly anticipate this Jubilee!”

Sister Sally Mitchell

Sister Sally Mitchell was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa.  She graduated from Sacred Heart Grade and High School in Pocahontas, Iowa.  She entered Mount St. Francis in 1952.  Sister received a BA degree from Briar Cliff College, Sioux City, MAs from the University of Iowa and the University of Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas, and a Specialist Degree from Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C.  Sister Sally has ministered at schools in Sioux City, Ashton, Bancroft, and Waterloo. From 1971 to 1985, she served at Briar Cliff University in both education and administrative roles.  She has also served as a pastoral minister at St. Michael Church, Sioux City.  For 33 years, Sister Sally served at the University of the Incarnate Word in the capacities of Dean of Enrollment, Dean of Preparatory Programs, and as an online faculty member.  She also has authored many articles and presented at various conferences.  She retired in 2018 and lives at Clare House in Dubuque.

Sister Janice Rosman

A native of Harlan, Iowa, Sister Janice Rosman, was born to Robert and Vaunda Rosman.  She is the oldest of her three sisters.  During her novitiate year, Sister Janice decided to work in food service.  She took a four-summer course in Food Management in St. Louis, Missouri.  She has ministered at Holy Ghost, St. Francis Home, Stonehill Care Center, and Mount St. Francis Center, all in Dubuque; St. Joseph’s Parish, Bode, Iowa; Briar Cliff University, Sioux City; and St. John Brebeuf, Niles, Illinois.  Sister also ministered for 22 years at Berakah Sabbatical Center in Pittsfield, New Hampshire.  “I have been blessed with good health and I loved my years of ministry,” said Sister Janice.  “I find that as I approach my 70 years as a Franciscan, I know I would not be where I am today if not for the wonderful support of my Franciscan community, family, friends. God is good!”

Sister Selma Timp

Sister Selma Timp was born in Ossian, Iowa, the youngest of four children.  Her parents were Philip and Alexia Timp.  She attended grade and high school at St. Francis de Sales, Ossian.  Following graduation, she entered Mount St. Francis.  Sister Selma taught in elementary schools in Illinois at Midothian, and in Iowa at  Dubuque, St. Catherine, and Petersburg.  She was the elementary librarian  at St. Francis Xavier School in Dyersville, Iowa, and also worked at the James Kennedy Public Library.  Sister Selma retired in 2009 and enjoys continuing her lifelong love of reading, embroidering, and assisting at the libraries at Mount St. Francis Center.  “I see God has been with me all these years,” she said of celebrating her 70th Jubilee.

Sister Mary Ann Wagner

Sister Mary Ann (Gabriella) Wagner, the daughter of Frank and Lorraine Wagner, grew up in Dubuque.  She received her education at St. Mary’s, Immaculate Conception Academy, and Briar Cliff College.  Sister taught the primary grades in Iowa at Ossian, Oyens, Mapleton, Pocahontas, and Dyersville; and in Chicago, Illinois at Corpus Christi and St. Elizabeth.  After 43 years of teaching, she moved to Lemont, Ill., and became a House Parent at S.O.S. Children’s Village. Sister is now retired at Mount St. Francis.  “Oh, how good is the Lord!” said Sr. Mary Ann.  “I have deep appreciation for all the blessings and experiences received these past 70 years.”