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In 2021, President Biden and Interior Secretary Haaland vowed to protect the Greater Chaco Region in New Mexico from oil and gas drilling for the next 20 years. It was a direct response to Indigenous communities’ pleas to protect the sacred landscape.  Right now, we have a critical chance to tell them to stay the course and see their promise through.

Click here to ask President Biden and Secretary Haaland to listen to communities and follow through with Greater Chaco protections.

The Department of the Interior just released their draft Environmental Assessment, which reveals what local communities and Tribal advocates already know – protecting Greater Chaco from new drilling is a critical move to protect cultural resources, public health and climate.

Now the administration is asking for public input on whether to move forward with the 20-year mineral withdrawal and protect this one-of-a-kind place.

Click here to submit a comment before Dec. 10 and urge the Biden administration to protect the Greater Chaco region from oil and gas drilling!