In Pope Francis’ letter, Laudato Sí: On Care for Our Common Home, in Chapter 6 on Ecological Education and Spirituality he states: “I would like to offer…a few suggestions for an ecological spirituality…I am interested in how such a spirituality can motivate us to a more compassionate concern for the protection of our world.” (#216)

September 2023: What a wonderful world

Taking a leisurely walk in nature, stopping to see – really see, and really hear God’s creation, can inspire awe and healing.  The next best thing to actually being in nature, is to experience it through a window, or perhaps a video.  Try contemplating creation with this video by the BBC: What a Wonderful World – with David Attenborough giving voice to the song lyrics.  What images move you the most and why?  Why not listen to this version of the song by Playing for Change:  What makes this a wonderful world for you?