Mount St. Francis Employees Recognized for Years of Service


The annual Mount St. Francis Employee Appreciation and Recognition dinner was held Tuesday, March 10, at Shalom Retreat Center. Special recognition was given to employees who completed 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years of service. Employees were treated to dinner and musical entertainment by Srs. Marie Therese Kalb and Carol Hemesath.

In her opening remarks, Sr. Marie Cigrand said, “We appreciate how you use your gifts for the common good of the Sisters of St. Francis.”

This year’s honorees are:

35 Years: Sister Liz Hilvers.

30 Years: Sister Mary Colleen Hoversten and Stephanie Viertel.

25 Years: Susan Coohey, Bonnie Gourley, and Martha Garcia.

20 Years: Jennifer Hammerand.

15 Years: Wanda Dossey, Dixie McGovern, Butch Schromen, Tracy Tath, Richard Heim, Susan Jones, Linda Moore and Geraldine Weitz.

10 Years: Mary Gilligan, Pat Sievers, ,Patricia Brecht, Mary Kupferschmidt, and Tiffany Weipert.

5 Years: Sr. Dorothy Schwendinger, Corinne Henkel, Jane Link, Briana Bauer, Beth Ann Tabor, Jill Kalb, David Schroeder, Charlotte Schmitt, Mark Sheldon, Stacey Ehlers, Amy Gillesipe, Flor Gomez, and Ann Jamore.

Check out a video from our Employee Recognition Dinner: