SWP Liaison to Tanzania Leads Team on Witness Trip

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Sister Water Project (SWP) Tanzania Liaison Brian Gilligan led a team of men and women to Tanzania on January 21, 2023, to witness the Sister Water Project and partners Safe Water for Life and Dignity.

The team was commissioned at Mass at Mount St. Francis Center on January 20.

“As you walk with the people of the villages you will visit, I invite you to allow your heart to be expanded, to listen to the unspoken words and body language of the people who gather to meet you. Be ready for a life-changing gift. Knowing that you and all of our donors have made a HUGE difference in many people’s lives. Thank you for representing us Sisters and Associates. Thank you for your generous financial commitments, for your time commitment to be with the people of Tanzania,” said Sister Ginny Heldorfer to the team at Mass.

Brian’s priority was to visit the 108 wells that have been completed by Safe Water for Life and Dignity since 2020.

“It is a privilege to witness the transformation of individuals on the trip, who go from American tourists in Tanzania to stewards of God’s wishes for all people,” said Brian of his travels to Tanzania.