Become a “Monthly Giver” – you can support the life and ministry of the Dubuque Franciscans without writing another check. You decide on a monthly gift amount that fits your budget. Then you authorize your bank to transfer this amount from your checking account to the Sisters account on a monthly basis. You can also be a Monthly Giver by using your credit card.

Monthly Giving:

  • is simple and convenient for you
  • stretches your donations by cutting costs
  • provides a strong commitment to assisting
    the Sisters in their life and ministries

It’s easy to become a Monthly Donor

Fill out the information on the Monthly Donation Form document below and send it in to the address on the form.  Monthly donations by credit card can also be initiated electronically by clicking the “Donate Now” button.

What are the benefits?

  • Counting on your contributions each month, the Sisters can more effectively budget limited resources. For you, as Monthly Givers, giving becomes easier and more convenient, with no more checks to write, no more envelopes to mail.
  • Your donation goes further because you help reduce administrative, postage and paper costs. More of your offering goes directly to support our life and ministry.

Is this a safe method of making donations?

The automatic transfer of funds is safer than mailing cash or checks. In fact, one of the largest users of this method of funds transfer is the U.S. Social Security Administration.

What record will I have of my donations?

Your monthly checking account or credit card statement will document the date and amount of your donation. In addition, you will receive a year-end statement listing your contributions for the year.

What if I change my mind?

Call us if you want to change the amount of your gift or stop the automatic donations transfer. If you move or change banks or get a new credit card, please let us know. This information is needed 3 business days in advance of a scheduled donation transfer date.

Any questions contact the Development Office:

Sr. Cathy (Kate) Katoski, OSF
Director of Development
Sisters of St. Francis
3390 Windsor Ave
Dubuque, IA 52001