To raise awareness of global water issues and raise funds for the Sisters of St. Francis’ Sister Water Project (SWP), the SWP Committee invites you to “Walk for Sister Water” sometime between March 15-22, 2023, in honor of World Water Day on March 22.

How the walk works:

  1. Between March 15 and March 22, walk “3 in 2023” – whether this be 3 miles, 3 minutes a day, or 3 blocks – make it your own distance.  This can be in your neighborhood park, trail, or even on a treadmill.  It can be done all at once or over the course of several days.   While you walk, think about the men, women, and children who walk daily to obtain clean water.  If you’d like to take a photo of yourself walking share it with us to post on social media, email it to or use the hashtag #WalkForSisterWater.
  2. From March 15-22, follow the Sisters of St. Francis on Facebook ( and Twitter (@DBQFranciscans) accounts to learn more about the Sister Water Project.
  3. After your walk, consider making a donation to the Sister Water Project by mail: 3390 Windsor Ave, Dubuque, IA 52001 or click here to donate online.

For more information, contact Sister Maureen Leach at (563) 583-9786 or Visit the Sister Water Project website at