The Franciscan Sisters live and work in 10 different states in the United States, as well as Canada, Honduras, and St. Lucia. We are educators in schools and colleges, as well as health care workers, retreat and prayer ministers, pastoral ministers, social workers, peace and justice advocates, counselors, dietary and clerical workers, artists and musicians – wherever the needs of God’s people call for a compassionate and loving response.


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“Knowing that when I work with a teacher candidate that they will influence every student they interact with in their careers is a significant responsibility. I love seeing our students grow and mature as teachers.”

Sister Ruth Schock
Associate Professor of Education Briar Cliff University, Sioux City, Iowa

“I serve as program coordinator and teacher at the Excel Learning Center.  In that capacity, I have the opportunity to plan educational opportunities for children and adults, teach, and do outreach in a spirited, multiculturally diverse, low-income community. This is a truly wonderful, sometimes challenging, but definitely satisfying place to live and serve.”

Sister Rita Goedken
Program Coordinator and Teacher at Excel Learning Center Morton, Mississippi

“I see my ministry as being in solidarity and right relationship with our Caribbean brothers and sisters, many of them being quite poor educationally as well as financially.  One of the most rewarding aspects of my ministry is coordinating the formation of candidates for the permanent diaconate in this archdiocese.”

Sister Frances Nosbisch
Acting Director, Cardinal Kelvin Felix Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre Castries, St. Lucia, West Indies

“In as much as I have the privilege of serving God through my Honduran brothers and sisters, I am served by them as well. They are for me the face, hands and heart of God. I sometimes feel inadequate because of the language skills I don’t yet possess, but the most amazing thing to me is that the people I serve don’t care so much about my grammar as they do about my commitment to love them and be one with them in their lives. The prisoners, the elderly, the sick, the youth, those who live in poverty, are for me a good and necessary reason to remain committed to Gospel life.”

Sister Brenda Whetstone
Pastoral Ministry, Gracias, Lempiras, Honduras

“Sharing our Catholic faith with teens brings me deep joy and meaning.  I am delighted in the ‘a-ha’ moments students have as they reflect on the Good News. The gift to share faith and walk the journey with our youth is a deep joy for me.”

Sister Kay Gaul
Theology Teacher at Wahlert Catholic High School Dubuque

“The mission of the Franciscan Peace Center is to promote active nonviolence and peacemaking and this is an integral part of the Dubuque Franciscan’s commitment areas. Building relationships and working collaboratively with diverse people to be advocates of peace and nonviolence is gratifying.”

Sister Nancy Miller
Director of Spirituality - Franciscan Peace Center Clinton, Iowa

“I’m fascinated by how kids think and what interests them. That’s the joy about teaching—seeing them learn and then to develop relationships.”

Sister Melita Meyers
Third Grade Teacher, Sacred Heart School Reedsburg, Wisconsin