In the use of temporal goods and gifts, we are guided by justice, charity, simplicity and corporate witness.”  Constitution 39

The Socially Responsible Working Group was established in 2016 to continue the long history of Dubuque Franciscan engagement in shareholder action.

  • Shareholder action includes: ESG—Impact Investing, divesting, co-filing resolutions, proxy voting, sign-ons and strengthening the investment policy through annual review.
  • Issues of concern: human rights—immigration, supply chain due diligence, racial equity, diverse workforce; water— a human right, access to safe water, corporate impact on water sourcing & return; health equity domestic & global— equitable access, drug pricing, compensation, lobbying; climate—GHG and Paris Accord, lobbying and political spending, water-air-soil conservation; violence reduction—incarceration, gun manufacturing and easy funding-selling, private prisons; corporate governance—independent chair, lobbying-political spending, board diversity.
  • Collaborates with: Seventh Generation Interfaith CRI (Milwaukee); Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility (New York).

In the Franciscan tradition, several guiding principles are basic as economic decisions are implemented:

  • transparency: no hidden schemes or agenda which benefit a few;
  • equity: individuals and communities get what is needed and contribute to the common good;
  • participation: mechanisms of cooperation and communion are built without domination or deprivation;
  • solidarity: all work to undo structures which serve as obstacles to the common good;
  • austerity: the minimum necessary, not the maximum allowed.
                                                                                              Source: David B. Couturier, OFM Cap  2015