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February 2024

The 28th annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from November 30 to December 13, 2023. The conference brought together negotiators from nearly 200 parties with more than 100,000 delegates registered to discuss how to limit and prepare for future climate change.  In addition to negotiating parties and government officials for each country – including the Vatican City State, others referred to as civil society attendees were present. These were scores of activists, NGOs, Indigenous leaders, business representatives, media, and lobbyists, including from the fossil fuel industry.

This 13:45 min. video “COP28: Little substance behind the smokescreen” explains what COP is, its history, and the agenda for COP28 (mitigation, adaptation, loss and damage, fossil fuel, finance, and global stocktake). It describes the challenges, what was/wasn’t accomplished, and the value of COP meetings despite disappointments.

(7) COP28: Little substance behind the smokescreen – YouTube

These two articles give the outcomes of COP28:

David Carlin’s December 13, 2023 article, “Your Quick Guide to the Outcomes of COP28” explores key decisions taken at COP28 and their respective highlights and lowlights.

Your Quick Guide To The Outcomes Of COP28 (


Ian Palmer’s December 13, 2023 article, “COP28 Results After Two Weeks of Dancing Around Oil And Gas” provides an overview of the significant agreements from COP28.

COP28 Results After Two Weeks Of Dancing Around Oil And Gas (

Brian Roewe’s December 13, 2023 article, “’A lot of work is still ahead’ say Catholics in response to COP28 conclusion” provides information on transitioning from fossil fuels, the loss and damage fund, the global stocktake, adaptation/resilience plans, water and food scarcity, health, and weather events.