In Pope Francis’ letter, Laudato Sí: On Care for Our Common Home, in Chapter 6 on Ecological Education and Spirituality he states: “I would like to offer…a few suggestions for an ecological spirituality…I am interested in how such a spirituality can motivate us to a more compassionate concern for the protection of our world.” (#216)

December 2022 Earth Mama

Laudato Si invites multidisciplinary actions, including the arts, to help us restore all to right relationship.  Joyce Rouse, aka Earth Mama, has been composing and singing songs about our relationship with creation and each other for many years. Born in Iowa, raised close to the land, she went on to get an advanced degree in science and environment which
compliments her music.  Her mission is to “help heal the planet, one song at a time.”

Click here to listen to her song “We Are One” from her cd “Love Large.”  

What feelings does it evoke in you? How can you deepen your own sense of oneness with others and creation?

Click here to check out Earth Mama’s website for more information on her music.