Area Sisters Support Pope Francis’ Environmental Call in National Ad


Area Catholic Sisters are sharing their support for Pope Francis’ environmental message through a national commemorative edition of USA Today.

The Sisters who signed the ad include 12 communities from the Upper Mississippi River Valley region, including six local congregations in the tri-state area: Sinsinawa Dominicans, Dubuque Franciscans, Sisters of Charity, BVM, Sisters of the Presentation, Visitation Sisters and Trappistine Sisters. The ad’s message is a reminder of our precious common home and our moral obligation to take a stronger stance toward Earth’s protection.  The special section was released two weeks prior to the Pope’s historic U.S. visit.
“Pope Francis gives us much to consider as we work toward ecological sustainability,” said Sister Joy Peterson, PBVM. “He speaks of Earth as communicating with us just as human relationships rely on interaction of persons. We look to his words as a guide and inspiration as we choose behaviors that will protect Earth, ‘our common home.’ We support Pope Francis and his efforts as he makes his historical visit to the United States.”