Sr. Helen Huewe Named “Volunteer of the Year” of Opening Doors

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Sister Helen Huewe was recognized on Tuesday, April 12, at a reception for volunteers of Opening Doors in Dubuque as one of two “Volunteers of the Year.”

“Since Opening Door’s infancy, this woman has been a special friend and advocate of our organization, working silently behind the scenes raising money,” said Executive Director Michelle Brown (picutred right) of Sister Helen.  “A humble woman, who shuns the limelight; she is always making good things happen for Opening Doors.”

Opening Doors offers hospitality and opportunity to women, alone or with children, who need emergency/transitional housing and related support services.  The organization is currently in the process of developing the Steeple Square apartment program, which will allow for successful graduates of Opening Doors to move into their own housing, with permanent housing services provided by Opening Door’s case manager.  The apartments are slated to open in 2017.

“[Helen] is working tirelessly to help raise the funds for the Steeple Square apartments.  This special woman has the heart, skill and confidence to approach major donors and make the successful ask to raise the support.  Thanks to her ‘labor of love’ for the less fortunate in our community,” added Michelle.